Who are CNAs clients?

A certified nursing assistant is an indispensable helper for a great number of patients. They can be nodivided into several groups. The first group includes postoperative patients, the second is for other bedridden patients. The third group is for seniors who need a continuing care. It is also important to allocate a separate group for people after stroke. As a result, we have four groups of patients who may need services of a certified nursing assistant.

Let's review these groups in detail.


The postoperative period includes the time that starts with the transportation of the patient into his room and continues until he will be discharged from the hospital. A competent care of certified nursing assistant (CNA) is needed for surgical patients in some cases. It is necessary to find not only sensitive and considerate person, but having a special education, which an every CNA has. Such specialist has to understand the nature of surgery and illness to carry out the necessary manipulations properly. This type of care depends on patient’s general condition, the operation features and the type of anesthesia.

Seriously ill people

If a family member is seriously ill then relatives will provide him home care and maximum comfortable existence. The patient may need the help on care, medical procedures, but sometimes it is needed the psychological support, especially if a person became ill suddenly.


One day the time comes to pay a tribute and provide a decent care for our elderly parents and relatives. To seek the services of a certified nursing assistant is the best solution for every caring and sensitive people who, can not take care of retirees because of weighty reasons.

Patients after a stroke

The patient after a stroke is not always hospitalized and then all the care and treatment are borne by the family. However, if the patient is in the hospital, then there constantly must be someone to provide care too. The first few days are the most difficult for the patient and it is required bed rest. It is contraindicated to lift him and even a sitting position is prohibited. This disease requires complete care for about two months and especially meticulous care during the first few days.

Why these groups?

Patients in these four groups have in common is that they are not able to serve themselves, they need a third-party care and supervision of a health worker.

However, in the case of a number of serious diseases and some ill seniors require constant care for the rest of their lives. In the case of postoperative patients and patients after stroke they need help of a certified nursing assistant for a certain period of time, but with more attentive supervision and oversight.

A distinctive feature of a certified nursing assistant services is the ability to work both in the hospital and the patient's home. It depends on the characteristics of patient’s illness, his wishes and other factors.

The services of a specialist in this field will help quickly discharged from hospital or it will help your relative to get through the illness easier and fill comfortable all the time. Good luck and stay healthy!