Guide to CNA Competency Exam

If you intend to practice as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), sometimes referred to as Certified Nurse’s Aide you must to have approximately seventy five hours of training that must be state-approved. After this stage you will be need to pass a competency examination.

During the exam students will be tested on conceptual knowledge and clinical skill. Student must pass a practical section and written multiple-choice section. To better prepare for an upcoming exam, students can first study the exam questions. Different sample tests can be found online. You can study materials, such as: textbooks, practice books. Also you can buy new or used from retailers.

Principles of the Certified Nursing Aide Competency Exam.

All medical assistants must be certified, which ensures that they are not dependent on the level of education can demonstrate the necessary level of basic skills and competencies. The CNA test is the test that can be ranked as the standard tests that are conducted to know the level of the preparedness of students and to prove that they are able to work in one of the hospitals. The level of knowledge must meet the requirements.

We will acquaint you with one of the issues with which you may encounter in the written examination.

The resident, for example in nursing home, thane’s dad, he has shortness of breath.

What actions the nurse should do, after calling for help:
- to lift the patients leg
- raise the head
- take the resident’s vital signs
- to help the patient to make deep breaths

What should the nurse expect when a new patient enters a medical institution (nursing home):
- problems with urinary incontinence
- nurses will need to help a residents to maintain personal hygiene
- the resident  will be in a state of depression

After many analyses the doctor will told to patient that the cancer is growing, and that patient will die.  When patient tells the nurse that he didn’t trust in it, and it is a big mistake, the nurse aide should:
- tell that the patient is afraid of dying
- suggest the patient to pass  more other tests
- to tell that it couldn’t be mistake, and that doctor never lie
- understand that denial is a reaction of every person

Some questions that you will encounter when passing a written examination based on intuition. It is very important for the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant). But in the course of the examination will have to answer the questions that are very complex.

To answer such questions need to be familiar with the theoretical material.