CNA Certification

You will need from 4 to 8 weeks to get CNA certification. On average it will cost you about $450 (from as few as $300 to as much as $600). All depends on state and you personal skills. And these are money spent on certification alone, not CNA courses.


But few words on process. We will skip education process as it varies from student to student as some have knowledges and others are starting from the very beginning. Some take online courses and others prefer live courses.


The part which is the same for everyone is CNA Certification. Yet CNA Certification test also may be different in different states.

First part: written exam

First part of the test is written part where you have to answer questions. Usually it consists of aproximately 65-75 questions. It has a test-form - you have to select one correct answer out of many offered.

Questions are about taking care of patients, infection control, determining state of patient and other subjects required in CNAs day-to-day work.

You can try yourself by passing our FREE CNA practice examination. Passing this practice test multiply times will increase your chances of passing actual CNA examination from the first time.

Second part: practice exam

Second part of CNA examination is actual doing things. You will be asked to perform some tasks which you considered to be capabel of performing as a CNA. This may be assiting pacient with moving from one place to another, detecting his current state (pulse, blood pressure, mental state etc.). While you are performing these tasks - not only the result will be chceked, but also the way you do things is very important. You are considered to be polite, care of hygiene as being CNA is not just taking some manipulations - it is communication with patient. And sometimes communication is most important part.

After exam

If you will pass a CNA certification exam you will need to apply for CNA license. Proof of passing exam is one of required documents to get license.


Some CNAs need to pass a CNA certification exam no to get certification for the first time, but to renew existing one. This is required if you need renewal, but have not been working as CNA during last 2 years.


And finally after passing examination and getting license you finally will be a Certified Nursing Assistant.

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